Online Security

Online threats are constantly evolving so it is important that you come prepared. We are committed to providing an excellent online banking experience that is easy to use and highly secure. With just a few basic practices you can add additional layers of security to your routine that will give you peace of mind.

Protecting Yourself

  • Never share login information with others
  • Avoid using unsecured wireless networks
  • Utilize anti-malware, firewalls, and spyware prevention software on all of your devices
  • Keep all software on your devices up to date with that latest security patches. Especially programs like Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java, and web browsers.
  • Maintain secure and unique passwords and update them often. Avoid using the same email and online passwords for your online banking authentication.

Protecting Your Business

  • Educate your own internal employees on the types of fraud and how to detect and identify them.
  • Avoid sending sensitive information through unsecured email.
  • Consider using a stand-alone PC for online transactions.
  • Implement company-wide controls that assign responsibilities and procedures.
  • Audit your employee's activities to catch potential issues early.

Protecting You

We utilize a large range of security features for your safety and financial protection.

  • Multi-factor Authentication - Automated software that monitors accounts for unusual activity and can prompt for additional personal information when necessary. See our Online Banking page for more information.
  • Password complexity requirements - Our online banking access requires the use of complex passwords and periodic password updates.
  • Positive Pay - Items presented for payment against your business account are compared to an issued check file before payment. This reduces the possibility of several types of fraud. Contact us for details.
  • Dual Control - Require a second individual to authorize ACH transactions.
  • IP Address Restrictions - Prevent unauthorized access to your business account by white-listing specific IP addresses.