Bill Pay

Have you ever wished you had your own personal accountant to pay your bills for you? Now you can with First State Bank's Bill Pay program!
  • Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills quickly and easily online. 
  • Bill Pay is absolutely free to all of our NetTeller customers! NO monthly charges and NO per item fees.
  • Our Bill Pay system will retain your bill paying records.

How it Works

  1. Complete the setup of your desired payees. 
  2. Add your payment and choose it's frequency, amount, and payee.
  3. We will create your electronic debit or write your check.
  4. We will process the electronic debit or mail your check to your selected payee.
  5. We will notify when you check clears your account.
  6. You can get back to doing the important things that matter to you!

To sign up for our Bill Pay solution, simply log in to your NetTeller account and click on 'Set Up As Bill Pay Account' next to the account you want to pay bills from. Review the Terms and Conditions and select "Accept." You are now ready to pay bills online.

For information about the Bill Pay program, contact an online banking representative at 800-391-2535 today.