Phone Access Telephone Banking

Access your accounts from anywhere via telephone. To use Phone Access Telephone Banking, simply dial (417)235-7159 or (855)235-7222, and you will be provided with instructions.

Phone Access Features:

  • Continuous Speech Recognition allows you to speak account numbers, dollar amounts, and short phrases at any time within the system.
  • Available with English and Spanish prompts
  • The use of touch-tone is available at any time throughout the system.
  • Real-time account access to Checking, Savings, Loans, CDs and IRAs.
  • Access transaction history for Checking, Savings, and Loans.
  • Funds transfers between related accounts

Some helpful hints for Phone Access:

  • Have your account number ready before you call
  • * returns you to the previous menu
  • Say "Help" at any menu to get detailed instructions that menu option
  • 0 transfers you to an operator
  • If you forget your PIN number, contact us using the information below for assistance.

To speak with an Phone Access representative, call 800-391-2535.

Phone Access Menu Options:

1) Account Information 

  • 1 - Checking
  • 2 - Savings
  • 3 - CD
  • 4 - Loans
  • * - Cancel (Return to Previous Menu)

2) Funds Transfer

3) Bank Information

4) More Options

  • 1 - Lost or Stolen Debit Card Assistance

0) Customer Service Operator