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Bill Pay Features


Have you ever wished you had your own personal accountant to pay your bills for you? Now You can with First State Bank's PowerPay Bill Pay program!

  • PowerPay is the awesome new Internet Bill Paying program designed by Jack Henry & Associates.
  • PowerPay brings 21st century technology to bill paying.
  • PowerPay allows you to pay your bills with clicks[1] instead of checks.
  • PowerPay will write your checks to pay your bills.
  • PowerPay will mail your checks to pay your bills.
  • PowerPay will notify you when your check clears your checking account[2].
  • PowerPay will allow you to see the cancelled check immediately after it clears your checking account.
  • PowerPay will retain your bill paying records indefinitely.
  • PowerPay online Bill Pay is now absolutely free to all of our NetTeller customers! NO monthly charges and NO per item fees.

To sign up for our Bill Pay solution, simply login into your NetTeller account and click on 'Set Up As Bill Pay Account' next to the account you want to pay bills from. Review the Terms and Conditions and select "Accept." You are now ready to pay bills online.

For information about the PowerPay program, contact an online banking representative at 800-391-2535 today.

[1] You enter the information into your Bill Pay Account and "click" the Submit Payment button.
[2] Of course, you must maintain an adequate balance in your checking account to cover the amount of your checks.


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