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First State Bank of Purdy is dedicated to providing you with convenient access to the information you need. In addition to our normal website we now have a mobile site which is optimized for mobile devices. This site features a touch screen friendly interface, reduced content for faster access and less data usage, and scaled text for smaller screen sizes.

Scan the QR code below with your mobile device or Click Here to visit our Mobile site now!

Our mobile site provides you easy access to the NetTeller login, contact information, and our locations and hours of business. Select any of the telephone numbers provided on this page and your phone's dialer program will automatically open up with the selected phone number ready to call. Select the location heading for any of our branches and you will be provided a map of our exact location. Devices with the correct software and a GPS device can even receive turn by turn directions to any of our locations.

Our regular website will automatically direct most mobile devices to our mobile page. If your specific device is not automatically redirected, you may wish to "bookmark" the mobile site for easy access in the future. If you would prefer to return to our standard website, simply click the "Visit Full Website" banner at the bottom of the page. If our mobile website does not display correctly on your device, visit to view a text-based version of the mobile site.

A mobile friendly version of NetTeller will be displayed when using our mobile site to access your accounts. This version should allow you to do most of the activities that you can perform in the full version of NetTeller. This includes viewing transactions, viewing check images, initiating transfers between accounts and Bill Pay. If you require more advanced functionality such as viewing statements or eStatements, please login from our full website.

QR Code

If you are viewing this page from a PC or other non-mobile device, you can use a QR code app to read this code with the built in camera on your device. This will take you directly to our mobile page on your mobile device. You are required to have a QR Code scanning app installed on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android device which can be found on the various device stores as a free download. (QR codes are a kind of high-density barcode that can be read by using the built-in camera on smart phones, and may contain links to websites, contact information, and other data.)


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